The identity of Cabana Beach

Iidentity of Cabana Beach

Cabana Beach - Identity - 2013
Cabana Beach is a great location on Curaçao where you can enjoying a lunch at the beach, have a romantic dinner in the evening and end the day with a great party. Cabana Beach was looking for a way to communicate this unique combination of atmospheres in a unified way.
Building a brand essence
Together with Cabana we worked on their brand identity. We started off with defining their root strengths and brand values. The brand essence that we defined was ‘the right attention for every moment.’ It focuses on the different moments of the day, on different interactions with people over a period of time and the love for giving this attention. With the brand essence in mind we started creating a multi-layered set of styles and colors that can be combined depending on the moment of the day or type of event. A style that stats with simple elements in the morning, and grows more sophisticated and layered during the day.
Multi-layered communication
All the communication is layered, depending on the message. In the morning you’ll get simple messages (like the tote bag), in the afternoon sketches and basic colors are added and during the evening you’ll also see photography and multi-colored posters. The main copy focuses on the feeling or atmosphere, instead of being an exact descriptor of the moment. We want to give a feeling of Cabana Beach’s atmosphere.
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